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Which Of These Automated Customer Service Response Upsets You.

Some of these customer service response do keep me upset whenever I call them, and am sure you also feel the same way. Well which of these responses can you relate too;
1.”Your call is important to us.”
Important indeed, because if it were to be important you would have answered my call earlier.

2.”We record calls for training and security purposes.”

Who your training help. After all, I called too make a request yesterday, now you tell me there is no record of my request.

3.”We apologize for that.”

Apology not accepted.

4.”All our representatives are busy right now.”

This people can lie for African. Then call me back when you are less busy. mtchewww.

5.Representative:”I apologize, but I need few moments to solve this issue.”

If you like spend the whole day, I will wait. Olodo.

6.Representative:”I hope we resolved your issue thoroughly.”

Well, you tried for your age. Shiorr

You can also comment those responses that keeps you upset below. 👇👇👇

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  1. Samuel Philip says

    Lol… All Of Them Annoys Me.

  2. abubakar mubarak says

    They all upset me too especially the one that says
    "Your call is important to us."��

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