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Whatsapp Latest Feature lets You Demote or Dismiss Group Admin And take Control Of Chat

Whatsapp has added a new feature called “Dismiss As Admin” to its messenger app which allows users to “Demote or Dismiss” administrators of group chat without first deleting them from the group and then adding again as normal participants.
whatsapp new features

Before now, whenever an administrator or a group wants to remove a co-administrator from the group, the first thing to do is to directly remove the concerned administrator from the group and then add him or her back to the group again. 

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But administrators don’t need to do all that again since the new feature permits them to “Dismiss or Demote” another admin without removing them first from the group.
dismiss or demote admin

This feature is currently available in the Beta version of Android Whatsapp and iOS. It will soon be rolled out to normal WhatsApp users. If you are a user of the Beta version of Whatsapp and also an admin, then you need to update your Whatsapp to the latest version and you will see the new feature by tapping on group information.
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