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What Happens When You Put Your Phone On Airplane Mode

Airplane Mode

Do you know what will airplane mode do and why does one use airplane mode? This guide shows 10 interesting reasons to use airplane mode and what’s going to happens when you put your phone on airplane mode. Keep reading!


The airplane mode is one amongst the foremost helpful options of a Smartphone since with just pressing the button you’ll be able to deactivate the data connection and therefore avoid turning off the phone, though it has a couple of alternative uses. That’s why we’re aiming to show you 10 interesting uses of airplane mode.


Does airplane mode charge your phone faster?

If you activate airplane mode on your Smartphone’s, you’ll get your phone to charge quicker after you plug it into a socket, therefore it’s also extremely suggested to activate airplane mode while your phone is charging.

With this, you’ll achieve 2 things, avoid using the phone while charging and so stop using it at least a couple of hours supplying you with time to try and do different kinds of things


Does Airplane Mode save battery?

On the other hand, If you activate airplane mode on your Smartphone’s you’ll get 2 very fascinating things that have to do with the battery. On the one hand, you may save on battery for instance if you do not need to turn off the phone at nighttime and solely leave it in airplane mode. With this you’ll make your phone deactivate all mobile communications and so pay less for the data connection, Wi-Fi and others consume power.
Ideal also once your battery is at a minimum and you do not have the charger close and you’re far away from home; activate airplane mode and you’ll stop the battery from discharging as quickly because it would with the data connection activated.

Will alarm work in Airplane Mode?

Yes. airplane mode affects solely the data connection of your android phone. therefore you can’t receive or send a message or call and use mobile internet. it’ll not have an effect on alarm settings.

Can you use internet on an airplane?

You can use internet on airplane mode exploitation Wi-Fi only. You can’t use mobile data connection as I told already it affects the mobile networks. you’ll be able to activate Wi-Fi to browse the internet on your smartphone. there are no other alternatives to this.

Can you browse the internet while blocking calls?


Airplane Mode


Have you ever wished to be ready to surf the internet on your phone but don’t need to receive any call or SMS message? Well, if you activate the airplane mode you’ll be able to do exactly that since this mode disables the mobile connectivity but you’ll be able to later activate the Wi-Fi to consult the internet.
That is, you set the airplane mode and activate your Wi-Fi connection. If somebody calls your phone it’ll seem as turned off and your voice mail could skip if you have activated it. this manner you save individuals from bothering you once you don’t need to receive calls.

What happens when somebody calls you in airplane mode?

While you activate airplane mode, your mobile network connection is going to be turned off. sometimes once a user goes out of mobile network and a contact called you at that moment, he/she can discover that you are “out of network and may not be reached at this moment“. just in case of airplane mode, the event is analogous. it’ll reply identical.

Can you block advertising while taking part in offline games?

Certain games permit you to play without an online connection and principally contain all, but very little, some advertising. generally, it will be annoying and this is when the airplane mode comes into action, therefore you’ll be able to still play without problems and block advertising since you’ll not be connected to the internet, or Wi-Fi or data connection.

For the protection of your children

As strange as it sounds, airplane mode will be your good ally if you’ve got children and prefer to get on your phone. Activating the airplane mode can prevent trouble and avoid incidents that would cause your children, like calling individuals, surfing the internet, shopping for apps within the store and other things.

Will airplane mode stop roaming charges?

Airplane Mode


Does not the word roaming sound like something? Most associate the word with very high expenses and to invoices with a high price. If you travel abroad and wish to avoid at all costs that your phone is connected to mobile networks it’s best to activate the airplane mode and only connect via Wi-Fi.
That method you’ll save in dislikes and you’ll not take surprises in your bill if you travel a lot around the world. the sole disadvantage is that you just cannot receive calls or messages or send them, however, you’ll be able to use WhatsApp and other applications.

Activate/deactivate airplane mode to find the mobile network


Has it ever happened to you that your mobile phone doesn’t receive the data connection? one of the solutions is also to turn your Smartphone off and on, however, another of the quickest options is to enable and disable the airplane mode of your phone. you’ll achieve with that that you will receive mobile connectivity without a problem.

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