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Surfwella To Provide Free Wi-Fi Network For All Nigerian Universities.

Indeginous 4G operator, Cyberspace network Limited, set to provide free Wi-Fi network in all Nigerian Universities in order to facilitate tertiary education in the country.
The Chief marketing officer, surfwella, Olusola Bankola, disclosed that the service will be on “no payment, no subscription, and no data purchase. Browsing will be wholly free. This free Wi-Fi network will be lunched first in University of Abuja. 
He also said, the company is planning to build another free Wi-Fi network infrastructure in Lagos State University (LASU), in the next few weeks, followed by college of Agriculture, lafiaji and University of Lagos (UNILAG).

It is believed that Surfwella is doing this as a way to give back the society, “it’s our own form of Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS).

About Surfwella;
Surfwella is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CRS) initiative of indegnous 4G operator, Cyberspace network Limited, and a veritable platform for social and cognitive computing.

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