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Photos: See sneakers That value ($4,950) A Whopping ₦2.2Million, The Shoe Has A working Airplane Seat belt, WiFi And An LCD screen For watching films (you ought to See)


 If you thought Nike’s self-lacing ‘back to the future’ Air footwear had been difficult to discover, meet the a good deal greater elusive Virgin the usa First elegance footwear. There’s most effective one pair in existence.


Virgin the usa has unveiled a pair of shoes created via organisation eleven, in an effort to provide you with the “flying first magnificence” experience without ever leaving the floor.
in keeping with on-line reports, the footwear are fabricated from Italian white leather
The excessive-tech kicks are crafted from Italian white leather-based – to match Virgin the united states’s first elegance seats – with a stainless steel seat buckle around the ankle. a rechargeable battery powers integrated mood lighting fixtures, a USB smartphone charger, a video show and a wi-fi-enabled hotspot (data plan no longer protected).


The footwear which also feature LED moodlighting, a running plane belt buckle, a USB port connected to a three-hour battery, and even a tiny LCD display for watching films, is currently simply one pair in existence

Mike McKay, chief creative officer at Eleven, told Creativity Online: 
 “Virgin America fliers are fashionable, sophisticated, and almost impossible to reach with traditional advertising. But we knew sneaker trends were very popular with our target audience.
“So we wanted to showcase the airline’s features in a unique way – so our target would actually take notice.”

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