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How Much Data Does A WhatsApp Call Use? It Depends And Here Is Why

How Much Data Does A WhatsApp Call Use

Does WhatsApp call use lots of data? This guide can demonstrate the amount of WhatsApp calling data usage per one minute call using 2G, 3G or 4G network. Truly WhatsApp data usage depends on many factors that I’ll justify and eventually observe how much MB will a WhatsApp call use per minute.

Effect of network quality over WhatsApp calling data usage

No matter what type of mobile network or Wi-Fi you are connected to, WhatsApp will forever allow us to make a call, saving the restrictions which will be placed to use by some operators. Obviously, the standard of the network depends on the quality of the call because if we are in an edge network, where calls via WhatsApp also work; aside from a very good voice quality we will also have a delay that makes the call very uncomfortable.

But precisely that’s one among the benefits of these calls, which will be at the hands of any user with a smartphone with a compatible operating system, despite whether your phone has 4G or not, including 3G. however, that’s why ensuring that WhatsApp calls have specific data consumption per minute is an error, and that everything depends on the network to which both parties are connected.

WhatsApp call data usage per minute – Data Obtained From My Tests

WhatsApp call data usage per minute

If the quality of the calls isn’t the same, the data consumption cannot be the same either. With that clear observation, I tend to venture to certify that the consumption, the expense of calls via WhatsApp depends on what type of network both partners are connected to.

For this I’ve used 2 android phones, forcing them to connect to different networks (4G, 3G, and 2G) to see if our premise was true. After repeatedly repeating constant tests (calls of 2 minutes) this is often the common consumption of the calls I’ve created according to the network to which I was connected:

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The first issue I’ve found is that the data consumption depends on the worst connection of both sides of the communication. If one amongst the users is in a 4G network but the other is in an edge network, the consumption, and also the quality of the call, is the same as if both users were connected to an edge network.
I have additionally verified that the calls we’ve made, 2 minutes long, we’ve to discount the consumption of data that’s done while the call is established, or what’s the same, what we might pay if the opposite side did not catch us the call. As I’ve been able to check the data consumption of the call establishment if it’s between 10-20 kb, nearly negligible.
Finally, before establishing consumption per minute I also have to take into consideration how talkative both parties are to the call. I’ve been able to see how a silent call consumes up to 25th less data than a call without stopping to speak.
It is assumed that no-one is going to make a call not to talk, but that there’s to take into consideration this point, which makes it even harder to calculate the consumption.
WhatsApp call data usage per minute
In calls with at least one of the telephones connected to the 2G network, the data consumption is around 200 KB, always according to the level of coverage we’ve and the rhythm of the conversation. In the case of counting at least the 2 phones with 3G, the average consumption per minute is 300 KB whereas if both parties have 4G the consumption per minute won’t be lower than 500 KB.
These are the results I have obtained from my tests, during which I have forced 2 Android smartphones to connect to completely different networks to see how the consumption depends on the network that we’ve less.
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