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5 Things you must consider when buying a new laptop/computer.

Having enough money to shop for a laptop is one thing, whereas obtaining the most effective computer is another factor. The best is to choose that which will do what you want, and even do more, of what we expect of it.
buying a new laptop/computer


I remember being among those aspiring to buy a laptop then, but due to lack of knowledge on how to get the best laptop, I ended up buying a laptop which didn’t last long. So, for those aspiring to get a new laptop, here are 5 things you must consider when buying a new laptop/computer and I hope it will be useful.
There are lots of computers on the market which are of different brands, sizes, shapes, colors. And it won’t be fair of me if I tell you ‘this one is good‘ or ‘this one is bad‘. Simply because, what makes a computer look good to me might not be what make it look good to another person, and vice-versa.
In spite of that, there is one certain thing we all have in common; ‘to buy a computer that can do all we want it to do‘.

So, I will be sharing with you 5 cool tips on what to check out for before buying a computer. So as to get the best computer.

5 Things You Must Consider When Buying A New Laptop/Computer.

  • Brand – We all know that when it comes to buying Gadgets, brands like Samsung, Kodac, LG, Apple etc. As it all. But when it comes to buying computers, brands like HP, TOSHIBA, DELL, LENOVO and co as it all. It’s very advisable you know much about the brand that is good for your goal as Brand is a key factor in a PC ability.
  • HDD Memory – Also known as Hard  Disk Drive. This is where all your data will be stored into, be it documents, pictures, video, music etc. If you are buying a computer for business purpose, then you must go for a hard disk drive with larger storage. For me, I use 1 Petabytes. Don’t ask me how I got it.😄
  • RAM Memory – Well known as Random Access Memory. It is also a storage device but not as large a the HDD memory. The main difference between the two memories is that the aforementioned memory is a permanent storage while the latter is a temporary storage. The Performance (i.e the speed) of a computer depends on the size of the RAM. Available RAM sizes are 2GB, 4GB, 8GB. But the most common RAM size is 4GB.
  • Processor – Technology is being improved every day. And the processors being used in the early computers will definitely not suit into nowadays computers. This is because the processor is the brain of the computer and one should endeavor to get a computer with a good processor. The most common types of processors are; Intel Core i7-8700K, AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1950X, Intel Core i5-7600K(Best gaming CPU).
  • Graphics – Before now, I thought all computers have the same graphics but lately I noticed there was a difference. The graphics of a computer mostly rely on the operating system(OS) installed on the computer, but it is greatly determined by the brand of the computer and VGA card. (VGA – Video Graphic Adapter).
These are the things you must consider before buying a laptop/computer. You might also want to take a few minutes to know the kind of gadgets women loves to have.
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