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5 Amazing Facts About Amazon’s New Cashier Less Supermarket


It’s less than a month into 2018 – and whereas technology hasn’t advanced to the point where we’re all zooming around in flying cars simply yet, we tend to do finally have checkout cashier-less grocery stores. Well, one checkout cashier-less food market to be exact: after its initial announcement back in December of 2016, Amazon has finally opened its innovative supermarket’s doors to the Seattle public.

Amazon's New Cashier Less Supermarket

This morning potential shopper was able to get a sneak peek into what Amazon Go’s futuristic shopping experience actually seems like. Customers are greeted with sleek turnstiles that solely grant entry upon the scanning of a smartphone’s Amazon Go app. Once within the shop, shoppers grab their things and are automatically charged for them once they walk back out of the shop without ever waiting in line to pay. It’s all made possible by the company’s “Just Walk Out” technology that tracks and totals every customer’s things in a very virtual cart that’s automatically charged upon departure. What makes this futuristic technology possible? An industrial surveillance system created of a network of cameras and sensors.


Aside from learning that there are no immediate plans to expand this technology into different areas (or Whole Foods locations) across the country – Here are 5 Amazing Facts About Amazon’s New Cashier-Less Supermarket:

1. It does not look futuristic

Amazon’s innovative grocery store does not look much completely different than an every other grocery stores, apart from the sleek entry and exit turnstiles.

2. There are cameras everyplace.

The ceilings are coated with some serious surveillance – AKA a “highly accurate” camera system that monitors your each shopping move to assist verify what you take off shelves and walking out of the shop with.

3. Amazon claims that new technology doesn’t replace grocery jobs.

Gianna Puerini, an Amazon VP, claims that the new grocery idea isn’t replacing jobs, however “shifting the type of work that people do,” with a team of chefs cooking up and supplying store product added to an in-store (orange uniform-clad) task force of client expertise reps.

4. It is not costlier than other grocery stores.

Although the store’s shopping method is also next-level, worth points are meant to be on par with different grocery chains — it shells out each brand product alongside Amazon’s private wickedly Prime label.

5. Sensors on the shelves track your purchase preferences.

Not solely will Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology track and total every item that you just take away from the shelf for purchase, however, it additionally collects the information on that item – taking note not solely of your most personal grocery preferences, however additionally which items leave the shelves and which are replaced.
Until you are able to buy from Amazons Go cashier-less supermarket for yourselves, you’ll simply not believe all these.
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